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Stay Informed

Families often ask what is the best way to stay informed and up to date on Abbott news and activities.  For the  most up to date information, look to the resources below for daily, weekly and monthly publications.

Update your parent portal information

Use the Aeries Parent Portal to update and verify yours and your child's contact information. The Abbott office uses the information in Parent Portal to send out important dates and reminders during distance learning. Go here to log into Parent Portal.

Register for SchoolLoop 

Registering for SchoolLoop allows families to view their students assignments and current grades,  contact teachers or counselors via LoopMail, and receive important reminders about upcoming events and due dates.  Click on the yellow 'School Loop Login' button above, or follow this link to register.

Read the bulletins 

Once on SchoolLoop, you will have access to the daily student bulletin and weekly parent bulletins published by the Abbott Office Team.  If you have questions, you can contact the staff member directly through SchoolLoop's LoopMail feature. 

Sign up for the Abbott Parent-Teacher Association Newsletter

For more information about how families can participate and contribute to Abbott, visit the Abbott PTA website and sign up to receive their bi-weekly newsletters highlighting upcoming events, community resources and extracurricular opportunities.

Read the Principals Newsletters 

Published monthly on SchoolLoop and the Abbott website, the Principals Newsletter reviews noteworthy events of the last month, showcases photos of Abbott students and staff, and previews upcoming events.  The newsletter can be accessed in the 'News' area of your SchoolLoop account, or follow this link for the most recent newsletter.