ASB (Associated Student Body) New Gym Update

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Not Just Another Gym!
Abbott ASB Tests the Construction Team

With the steel frame of the new gym at Abbott Middle School rising around them, Abbott’s ASB met with the project’s Architect Monique Wood, Inspector John Riewerts and Contractor Johnny Chiem this month for an inside look. At the kickoff meeting, students presented their own Venn diagram of the roles and responsibilities of each construction job, and peppered the team with questions. After explanations were given and questions answered, students studied floor plans, then put on hardhats and visited several locations on the site. They saw the steel- and wood-framed locker rooms, ducts, ventilation, etc.

Construction Project Manager Mark Sherrill appreciated having the opportunity to educate the students and had a great time. “They were well prepared, asked great questions and made the most of the time together. Our team can feel the excitement growing on campus.”

ASB President, Kaitlin G. said she "liked the lobby and liked how it is going to be used for a classroom.” Fellow ASB Treasurer Elliott R. said he was excited to “tell everyone that the locker room is super nice!"

Principal Jeremy Packman was overflowing in his appreciation of all involved. “What impressed me the most were the students’ questions -- their research really showed. And Mark did such a great job in preparation and planning. I couldn’t tell who enjoyed it more, the adults or the kids!”