Measure X - New Gym & Classrooms Project

Measure X - New Gym Project

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Abbott Project Update (February 2020)

Measure X Gym and New Classroom Update—Abbott

Abbott continues to be a beehive of construction activity with both exterior and interior work in full swing. The improvements to the lunch court area (aka “The Grove”) will be completed with the installation of the shade structure this summer.

The new classroom/locker room building next to the Music Building will soon have stucco and the exterior windows will be installed. The contractor projects that the two new classrooms, new boys’ and girls’ locker rooms, PE staff offices and restrooms in this two story building will be finished by July and ready for use when the new school year starts in August.

Shown here: New Classroom/Locker Room Building

While the gym “backbones” have risen out of the ground in the last several months and the lobby area is enclosed, the contractor has had challenges in securing the steel needed to complete the exterior of the gym including the bracing of the building given the demand for materials and uncertainty about tariffs. This challenge has resulted in the contractor revising the projected occupancy of the gym to the fall. Fortunately, after the steel and bracing are installed, the contractor will need less of the black top area for construction staging. As a result, more than 60% of the black top area will be available for student and PE use at the beginning of the school year.

Shown above is the new gym and lobby view from Alameda de las Pulgas