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September 2020

Greetings Abbott Parents and Guardians!

Our school year is off to a great start, considering us all working from our homes! We miss our students dearly and hope to all be back here soon! As you know, we are in full time distance learning, with live meets happening all day, every day. We need your children to attend all classes, every day!

Live Meets = Going to actual class.

This year, attending our live google meets is the equivalent of your child attending class. It is mandatory that they attend, each class they are supposed to, every day. Our students need to stay in the meet until their teacher releases them, which will correspond with the bell schedule. Please check with your child to ensure that they are attending each day.

If going to miss a class??

Same as if we were in person, it is your responsibility to contact the school and provide a reason for their absences. Was there a problem with technology (no wifi, chromebook issue), or did your child oversleep? Is your child sick? Please contact Norma Flores at or (650) 312-3411 and explain what is going on.

Back to School Night Success!

We had a very successful virtual back to school night, in which Mr. Packman and Mr. Valencia hosted two live meets with families, and then led them to a website to watch teacher pre-recorded videos of their classes! If you missed it, it is okay. Check out the videos on this link below.

Enter code: 80082305

Library pick-up to come!

We are in the process of creating an online library book check out system, where students can check out books from our library and pick them up on campus on selected days/times. Stay tuned for more information on this.

Want to support our PTA?

On Tuesday 9/15/2020 at 7pm, our PTA is having their first meeting of the year! Guest Speakers are Mr. Packman and Mr. Valencia, Abbott’s principal and assistant principal, respectively. Please join us and ask any questions you may have!

Again, we miss seeing your children’s faces daily and hope that this Covid thing clears up soon and we can return to normal. Please feel free to reach out to the school if you have any questions or concerns!