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Counseling Department

Abbott's counseling department works to support students and their families with academic, emotional, social and behavioral concerns.  Students may request an appointment with their counselor through the Abbott Wellness website

Abbott has three full-time counselors, and they will be splitting the student caseload relative to the student's last name.

  • Students with last names A-G: Mackenzie Hunt (
  • Students with last names H-O: Gerald Corbin (
  • Students with last names P-Z: Kimberly Tran (

We also have three Wellness Support Staff:

  • Leela Silva, School Psychologist
  • Danielle Bankson, Clinician
  • Lauren Abrahams, Newcomer Social Worker

Please click here for the PTA counseling presentation from October 2021.

Please find the PTA counseling presentation from October 2021 in Spanish here.

Please click here for a list of Community Based Counseling Hotlines.