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English Language Arts

Student looking at teacher in class at smfcsd Early literacy

Inclusive Literacy: Building Foundational Skills to Broaden Minds 


The San Mateo-Foster City School District is committed to providing a research-based, comprehensive literacy curriculum aligned with the California ELA/ELD Standards. Our innovative English Language Arts curriculum centers on student learning and equips teachers with essential tools and research-based guidance. Students engage deeply with texts, analyze literature, participate in discussions, collaborate on projects, create compositions, and complete rigorous assessments. With over 100 languages available, our curriculum supports multilingual learners, fostering an equitable learning environment for all students.

Student using chromebook to read at SMFCSD

In our elementary schools, we emphasize early literacy development with programs like the PAF reading program, which has demonstrated a 17% increase in kindergarteners meeting benchmarks from fall to winter. The curriculum includes interactive writing instruction, opportunities to build knowledge and develop vocabulary, and access to differentiated instruction strategies. Digital and print materials provide engaging and diverse texts, allowing students to see themselves reflected in the stories. Our community services specialist offers resources and guidance to families, supporting reading at home to ensure our students are well-equipped for academic success.

SMFCSD Student at Bayside Academy

For middle school students, the ELA curriculum offers a variety of engaging texts and personalized learning tools, including interactive lessons and video tutorials. Students benefit from on-demand feedback as they complete and revise their writing during performance tasks. The curriculum features a multilingual glossary, grammar support, annotation tools, and text translation capabilities, making it accessible to all learners. Diversity in authorship is highlighted, with frequent opportunities for real-world connections. Icebreaker activities and end-of-unit projects empower student voice, allowing students to demonstrate their learning in ways that showcase their unique styles and personalities.

ELA Common Core Standards

Our English Language Arts Curricula