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Student Clubs

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Anyone can start a club at Abbott!  If you don't see a club for you, ask in the office for more information about starting a new student club. 

Book Club - TBA

Contact Ms. Dose in Room 24.

Chess Club - Everyday at Lunch

Players of all experience levels welcome!  Learn the rules of chess and play against your friends, or try your skills against other top Abbott chess players.  Contact Mrs. Ertl in Room 39.

Duct Tape Club - Thursdays After School

Duct Tape Club is for creating useful things out of duct tape like wallets, accessories and decorative items.  Materials are provided - drop by and make something awesome! Contact Mrs. Ertl in Room 39.

Environmental Awareness Club - Tuesdays at Lunch

Environmental Awareness Club helps make Abbott and the world a better place through awareness campaigns and campus beautification projects.  Contact Ms. Kahn in Room 35.

Games Club - Thursdays at Lunch

Games Club is for students to learn new games and meet others with the same interests.  Some games available include puzzles, Bey Blades, tabletop role playing and card games.  Contact Mr. Callan in Room 44.

Gender Diversity Club - TBA

Contact Mrs. Ayala in Room 13.

Jazz Club - Fridays at Lunch

Jazz Club is for musicians who want to learn to use their instrument in a new way.  Learn Jazz scales, technique and how to improvise in this fun weekly jam session.  Contact Ms. Karen in Room 6.

Kindness Club - Thursdays at Lunch

Kindness Club seeks to bring more positivity and kindness to Abbott by celebrating kindness and promoting ways to be a kind classmate and friend to all.  Contact Ms. World in the Office.

Math Club - TBA

Contact Ms. Jing in Room 33.

Rubiks Cube Club - TBA

Contact Mrs. Angel in Room 42.

Ultimate Frisbee Club - Mondays After School

Club member swill learn the basics of throwing and catching Frisbees, ultimate game rules and technique.  Come learn how to play!  Contact Mr. Clement in Room 10.

Student Clubs