After School Sports Overview

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Abbott proudly offers after-school sports and as an enrichment opportunity designed to build strength in body, mind and character.  As a public school, all students are invited to try out for a sport at no cost. Academic and behavior standards must be maintained to continue participation in an after-school sport. It is an honor to represent Abbott as an athlete in our community and so students, parents and coaches must remember to wear the green and white with pride. 

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Abbott competes against middle schools in the San Mateo Foster City School District as well as others in the peninsula area.  We are a member of the Art Davis Athletic League (ADAL) which serves schools from San Mateo to Palo Alto. Specific rules, schedules and standings can be found at the ADAL website:


After school sports are not part of the general San Mateo Foster City School District budget. The programs are supported by the Education Foundation as well as by donations from parents. All families are encouraged to contribute $150 per player per team to pay for officials, facility fees, etc. Those that cannot contribute will not be denied the opportunity to play. Athletes and their families are encouraged to visit the San Mateo Ed Foundation website:


To participate in a sport at Abbott, students must first complete the proper paperwork. Students may pick it up from their PE teacher or download it here from the website.  Students must maintain satisfactory grades, a 2.0 GPA, as well as behavior. Because the league includes schools from throughout the peninsula, there may be games and practices over vacation! If you commit to a team, you are expected to participate fully. If playing and practicing over intersession is going to be a problem, please talk to the coach before hand. To find out details about specific sports, please contact the coach or Athletic Director.

Fall Sports

Tryouts August. Competition September – October.

  • Volleyball (girls)** – 6th grade, 7th grade & 8th grade teams
  • Cross Country (boys & girls) – 6th through 8th grade teams
  • Golf (boys & girls) – 6th through 8th grade teams
  • Flag Football (boys) - 6th through 8th grade teams

Fall/Winter Sports

Tryouts October.  Competition November – December.

  • Basketball (boys)** - 8th grade teams A & B, 7th grade teams A & B
  • Basketball (girls)** - 8th grade team A, 7th grade team A

Winter Sports

Tryouts January. Competition February – March.

  • Basketball (boys)** - 6th grade teams A & B
  • Basketball (girls)** - 6th grade team A & B (when possible)

Spring Sports

Tryouts March. Competition April – May.

  • Soccer (boys)** - 6th through 8th grade team
  • Soccer (girls)** - 6th through 8th grade team
  • Track & Field (boys & girls)** – 6th through 8th grade team
  • Tennis (boys and girls) – 6th through 8th grade team

** Teams supported at all SMFC S Middle Schools (Abbott, Bayside S.T.E.M., Borel, Bowditch) through the SMFC ED Foundation.  Additional teams may be created based on need and interest and are known as Club Sports.

Want to start another sport that you don’t see on the list?  Contact the Athletic Director for more information.

Have questions that you need answers to? Please contact the Abbott PTA Sport Liaison:  Jennafer Carson at .