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Newsletter for January 2020

 Parents, Guardians, and General Abbott Community,

Happy New Year!! We are so excited to be back from an incredibly restful break, to work with your kids and promote their education! We hope that some positive New Year’s resolutions were made, and that we can actually keep them! Here are some highlights from December and some things upcoming this month.

ASB update:

Our ASB (Associated Student Body) presented the Pledge of Allegiance at the SMFC School Board Meeting on 12/19. They did a fantastic job with it, as well as informing the board of their recent tour of our gym’s construction site.

 Who likes Salsa?

Not the dance, but the delicious dips full of incredible flavors! Mr. Figueroa’s Spanish Immersion classes put on a “Salsa Day”, inviting their parents, teachers, and even our Superintendent, Ms. Rosas to come and enjoy their family recipes. This project started as an assignment for them to write an informational essay in Spanish explaining how to make their salsa. This was one delicious assignment!

 Musical Showcase!

Two incredible nights of music took place in Abbott’s gym displaying our Beginning band, Advanced Band, Choir, Strings, and Orchestra! The students showed off their skills gained and it was fantastic! Kudos to Ms. Kenny and Ms. Torke and their musicians for a job well done! Bravo!

Upcoming Events!

·       School Site Council meeting will be held on Thursday January 16th at 3:15pm in our Conference room

 ·       PTA general meeting will be held on Tuesday January 21st, at 7 PM in our library.

Mr. Packman
Abbott Middle School