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Principal's Newsletter

June 20, 2019

Dear Abbott families:

We have made it to the final day of the school year, and everyone is excited to begin the summer break.  It’s been an eventful final quarter of the school year, which has included some of the high points of our school year, including amazing performances by Abbott Drama Club students and by our Orchestra and Band students.  Below, you’ll find my take on these recent events.

Into the Woods Musical and Music Concerts

Over the past month, Abbott’s Drama Club performed six performances of the musical Into the Woods at Hillsdale’s Little Theater.  More than 70 student cast and crew members worked for months preparing for this year’s show, and the excellence of the show was a testament to the dedication of our student performers and their director, Thaine Sugden.  Last year’s show, Mulan, was a great debut show for Abbott Drama, but this year’s show raised the bar for artistic distinction.  Thank you to Thaine for his superb direction, and for the countless hours he has invested in providing this opportunity for our students.  Thank you also to the many parents who provided a range of supports for the show, from helping with set and costume design, to helping with ticket and snack sales.

Thank you also to Ms. Torke and Ms. Schacht and their respective Orchestra, Band, and Chorus students for their work in preparing students for the spring music concerts, which included some outstanding performances.

Chorus Assembly

Last month, the SF Gay Men’s Chorus (SFGMC), in partnership with Abbott’s student Chorus, performed an assembly for Abbott’s 7th and 8th graders.  In between each song, members of the chorus talked about their experiences growing up and the impact of how they were treated at school.  They each stressed the importance of building a respectful, inclusive campus.  The SFGMC’s musical director summed up their message at the end with two words—BE KIND.

8th Grade Promotion

Our 8th graders enjoyed their final week at Abbott with a range of fun events, including a trip to Great America, a barbecue at Beresford Park, an 8th grade dance, a breakfast, and the 8th grade promotion ceremony.  Thank you to the Orchestra students who performed at graduation and to our student speakers Estefania Hernandez, Iris Budiman, and Anna Yee.  Thank you also to the many parents who supported 8th grade events, and especially to Jenna Carson, Holly Yates, Jen Nobrega, and Denise Sandri.

We wish well to our promoting 8th graders and their families as they make the transition to high school. 

End of year thanks

It takes a caring community to build a supportive environment for our students, and there are many people to thank at the end of this year.  First, thank you to our dedicated teachers and staff who seek to provide support for all students every day.  Thank you also to our dedicated PTA board, and the many hours they devote in service to this community.   Many thanks to our outgoing PTA president, Laura Duncan, who stepped up to head our PTA when no one else was able to take on this big job.  Thank you also to our incoming PTA President, Kristi Puls, for all the work she has done and will do in support of Abbott students.  Thank you to the many parents who have helped in a variety of ways this year, whether it be coaching a team, serving as PTA board member, donating to the PTA’s fundraising campaigns, tutoring at homework club, chaperoning a field trip, serving on our School Site Council, or supporting special events like our teacher appreciation week. 

This is my final year at Abbott, and it’s been an honor to serve as Abbott’s principal for the past 3 years.  I wish everyone a happy and relaxing summer break, and I hope that you all have a great school year to come.



Joe Hadley, Principal


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