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Preventing Bullying at Abbott

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You can be an upstander

Ideas when someone is bullied

At some point, every kid becomes a bystander—someone who witnesses bullying but doesn’t get involved. Instead, you can be an upstander, a person who knows what’s happening is wrong and does something to make things right. It takes courage to speak up on someone’s behalf. But just think: by doing so, you are becoming a person of character and also helping someone else.

Here are some things you can safely do:

  • Don’t join in the bullying
  • Support the victim in private—show your concern and offer kindness
  • Stand with the victim and say something
  • Mobilize others to join in and stand up to the bully
  • Befriend the victim and reach out to him/her in friendship
  • Alert an adult

Do not worry—you are not ratting out the bully by telling an adult. There’s a big difference between tattling and reporting a concern. Tattling is telling to get someone IN trouble, reporting is telling to get someone OUT of trouble.

From an article by By Becki Cohn-Vargas, Not In Our School Director. From Child Abuse Prevention Services (CAPS).

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Abbott Teacher's Promise Statement

  • I promise to create a culture in which students give and get respect. To be in an environment that promotes learning for all those who enter my classroom. To be in a place where all students feel free to take risks and know that I will uphold that feeling of safety and security.
  • I commit to supporting students as they grow and learn, achieve and persevere, and get to know themselves as developing members of society.
  • I will encourage students to be positive, strive toward academic and social success. I will support the choices that make them part of the solution, and guide them when they are not.
  • I will promote the idea that all voices are heard in the diverse world we live in.
  • I will maintain a classroom in which all students feel safe in knowing that diversity and individuality are valued. That, in my classroom, all students feel supported as they develop socially, emotionally, and physically.