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English/Language Arts


Our department is in the process of standardizing our writing instruction across grade levels. Our focus is on structure, organization and supporting evidence.

  • In 6th grade the focus is on sentence structure, mastering paragraph structure, and writing 1-3 paragraph essays by the end of the year.
  • 7th grade continues to focus on sentence structure, paragraphing skills, and writing 3-5 paragraph essays.
  • 8th grade works on refining their sentence skills, and write only 5 paragraph essays all year. The goal is to practice structured writing to get students ready for high school writing.

Most grades will be writing persuasive, expository and narrative essays with clear thesis statements and supporting evidence. All teachers will be teaching sentence structure, mechanics and grammar too.


We expose our kids to diverse voices from across a variety of media, including short fiction stories, fiction novels, news stories, biographies, non-fiction articles, documentaries and films. (Reading/video selections vary by teacher.)