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The Abbott Middle School Tech Lab is running Google Chrome Boxes by HP. All "hands on" student activities and projects are "web based" cloud computing through student's Google accounts.

Highlights of the class include Digital Citizenship, Intermediate and Advanced use of Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets. Students also create and connect the history of technology and computers by constructing timelines and presenting their finding to their peers. From this platform students begin their journey into beginning concepts of computational thinking and computer science.

To access the Google Site platform, please click here.

Math Foundations

Each grade level contains a series of objectives aligned to grade-level curriculum standards. Objectives can be reordered to match the local instructional sequence map. Games, levels, modules, and objectives turn green as they are completed. Students should Play the Gray!

Students receive intervention content tailored to their needs as measured by a built-in diagnostic. Ongoing formative assessments will refine students’ personalized path, ensuring concept mastery.