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Academic Awards

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Academic Award assemblies are held after each report card period to acknowledge and recognize the efforts and successes of all students. Students receive certificates highlighting their excellent scholarship. Graduating eighth graders are eligible for a variety of awards which include the following:

Al Colum Memorial Award

This monetary award is given to deserving eighth graders who have consistently displayed exemplary citizenship, integrity, kindness and honesty toward all fellow students and staff. It is not based on financial need or academic success. The Abbott staff nominates and votes for the recipients of this award.

Albert Landucci Awards

Three Landucci Awards are given in the areas of Outstanding Academic Achievement, Outstanding Service, and Outstanding Math/Science Achievement.

Craig Newgard Memorial Scholarship

A contribution to a college scholarship given to deserving Black students.

Latinos del Futuro

A contribution to strive toward higher education at a community or four-year college given to deserving Latino students.

Rotary Scholarship

A contribution given to encourage deserving students to continue their education beyond high school.

San Mateo Youth Foundation Incentive Scholarship Program

A contribution given to deserving students who strive to continue their education beyond high school.

Superintendent’s Perfect Attendance Award

The Superintendent’s Award for Perfect Attendance is given to those eighth grade graduates who have an exemplary record of attendance (no excused or unexcused absences, or independent study) and have had no tardies for all three years at the same middle school. Students absent due to a religious holiday will not be disqualified.

William F. Turnbull Award

The Turnbull Award given to the student who has the best combined outstanding service and academic achievement. This award is rotated among all four middle schools on an annual basis.

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Academic Restrictions

Students must maintain an acceptable level of academic excellence and citizenship in order to participate in extra curricular activities as well as student leadership roles.

Gifted and Talented Program

Each middle school offers special differentiated experiences and activities within the classroom for identified GATE students. Special experiences may include activities outside the school day or after school. The program is designed by site coordinators and approved by the School Site Council. Parents are encouraged to become members of the District G.A.T.E. Advisory Committee and to share their expertise by volunteering.

Newcomers Program

Instruction in English language development skills is provided for middle school students who are limited English proficient. The instructional program provides help in the basic academic areas of reading, writing, social studies, math and science in a self-contained classroom. The one-year program is designed to prepare limited English proficient students for full inclusion in main stream general education classes. Read more about the Newcomer class.