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From the Principal

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Principal's Newsletter

 October 30, 2017

Dear Abbott parents:

It looks like we will finally have some cooler weather this week, which many of us will greet with relief after an unusually warm fall and a devastating local fire season. We may get some rain by the end of the week, and daylight savings time will end next weekend, so it may finally begin to feel like autumn around here. Our sympathies go out to those affected by the fires, including any of you who may have friends or relatives in the affected areas.

Outdoor Ed
On the week prior to the October break, many of our Abbott 6th graders spent four days at Outdoor Education in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Students explored the forest and beach ecosystems, and strengthened friendships with their fellow 6th graders. We heard many positive reports from students on their return from the trip. Thank you to our teacher chaperones for the trip, Ms. Yan, Mr. Lau, Mr. A., and Mr. Callan. Thank you also to Abbott’s PTA for their generous support of student scholarships for this trip.

Halloween & Movie Night
This week will include Halloween, and students are welcome to wear costumes provided the costumes meet the guidelines which have been posted on SchoolLoop for the past week. At the end of this week (Nov. 3rd), our student Leadership class will host Abbott’s first movie night of the year at 6 pm in the gym. Special thanks to Ms. Bollbach & her Leadership class for coordinating this fun event.

Parent Conferences
Wed. Nov.8th from 2-8 pm. To schedule conferences, you must use the online scheduler. Instructions for this process have been posted for the past week on SchoolLoop. Thank you to our PTA parents who will be hosting both a lunch and a dinner break for Abbott’s teachers on Nov. 8. Please see the parent bulletin if you’d like more information on how to sign up to support the PTA luncheon and dinner. This will be a very long day for our teachers, and I know that they will appreciate the lunch and dinner breaks to help them make it through the day. Also, please remember that Thurs., Nov. 9th will be a minimum day, and that Fri. Nov. 10th is a holiday.

As noted in my prior newsletters, Abbott has been rolling out the implementation of our Positive Behavior and Intervention Supports (PBIS) framework this year. Our staff is currently working on the next phase of implementation, which involves each teacher finding positive ways to recognize students who are demonstrating outstanding character in the areas of being safe, responsible, and respectful. Many teachers are using our Falcon Ticket system to recognize students, and are holding weekly in-class lotteries for low-cost or no-cost prizes for winning students (example: preferred seating in class for the week). We continue to do our school-wide weekly lotteries to recognize students, and continued thanks to PTA for providing our weekly winners with free Jamba Juice smoothies.

Sports Updates
We are wrapping up our fall sports season, which saw a record number of Abbott teams participating, including two flag football teams (one of which should make the playoffs). Thank you to our teacher coaches, including Ms. Rose, Mr. Torres, Mr. Casey, and Mr. Stamper, and to the many parents who helped with coaching, driving, etc. We will roll right in to the next season which will be boys’ and girls’ basketball for both 7th and 8th graders and those teams are currently finishing tryouts.

Parent tours
Abbott will be hosting two parent tours in the coming months, and we will be sending information about the tours out to our feeder elementary schools this week. The tours are designed for parents who live within the Abbott attendance area, but who may be considering a variety of middle school options. We will also do an orientation and open house for all incoming students and their families on May 10th.

Nightmare on Puberty Street
On Nov. 2nd, Abbott 7th and 8th graders will see a performance of a stage show titled Nightmare on Puberty Street, which is a fast-paced show featuring current music and dance that encourages students to talk about critical health issues and ask questions. The show is specifically designed for middle school audiences and is produced as a free community service by Kaiser Permanente. You can read about the show and find a guide for parents at the following link: https://etnortherncalifornia.kaiserpermanente.org/nightmare-on-puberty-st/
The show does contain sexual health information, and you may elect to have your student opt-out of the assembly by contacting your student’s counselor prior to Nov. 2nd.

As the season (finally) changes, I hope you have some time to spend with your children in fun winter activities like family game night or movie night, and that you all enjoy some quality family time during the upcoming Thanksgiving break.


Joe Hadley, Principal

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