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Attendance Phone Message Line

(650) 312-7600  x3

Please report your child’s absence to the attendance line by 9:30am. Please leave your student’s name (include spelling), their grade, and the reason for the absence. Please continue to call and report absences every day your child is not in school.


Please note that any time your student has early dismissal or late arrival to school due to a doctor's appointment, we will require a doctor's note or appointment slip upon their return in order for the absence to be excused. Thank you for your kind attention on this matter.

Students are expected to attend school every day. Absences for the following reasons are considered excused absences by the State and are not considered truant:

  • Illness
  • Funeral services
  • Doctor/dentist/counseling appointments (requires Dr. note upon return)
  • Medically required quarantine
  • Immunization - limit of 5 days
  • Appearance in court or observance of a religious holiday

Absences due to any other reason are considered unexcused by the State and our District. Please see the District's Policy on Truancy for further information.

Parents/Guardians must call the Abbott office (312-7600 x3) to report student absences.

Absences of 4 or more consecutive days require a doctor's note allowing the student to return to school.

Early dismissal/Late arrivals due to medical or dental appointments require a doctor's note upon student's return to school.